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Make My Cocktail believes that creating amazing cocktails should not be difficult.

Forget those times searching the web for cocktail recipes which are overly complex and requiring another ingredient to your barstock!

We offer a unique cocktail search experience which we know you will love.

We hope you enjoy the current features we offer and plan to include even more in the future.

Save Money

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Feel like you're always missing an ingredient searching for your next cocktail?

Stop running to the store, you can already make amazing cocktails today using what you already have utilizing our cocktail generator.

Save Time

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There are some many ways to find your perfect cocktail using our site!

Click here to find all of the easy ways to find your desired cocktail, including cocktail generator, search by name and search by spirit.

Impress Your Guests

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Don’t miss out on an opportunity to create an amazing cocktail experience for friends and family.

We have simple step by step instructions which anyone can follow and even provide recommendations for the best equipment!