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How To Make A Cocktail

  1. Before you begin, check our ingredient reference guide to better identify your ingredients
  2. Next, select each ingredient you have readily available by clicking each picture below
  3. Be sure to select at least one alcohol and one mixer
  4. Select the "Make My Cocktail" button to search your available cocktails

Make My Cocktail - Ingredient Reference Guide

CategoryPopular Brands/Variants
Almond LiqueurAmaretto, Creme De Noyaux
Almond SyrupOrgeat Syrup
BittersAromatic, Angostura, Celery, Fruit, Herbal, Orange, Peychaud, Spicy
BrandyArmagnac, Armenian, Brandy de Jerez, Calvados, Cognac, Cypriot, Obstler, Pomace, Pisco, South African, Stravecchio
ChampagneSparkling Wine
Cherry LiqueurCherry Brandy, Cherry Heering
Chocolate LiqueurCreme De Cacao
Coconut LiqueurCoconut Rum, Malibu
Coffee LiqueurCoffee Brandy, Kahlua, Tai Maria
GinGenever, London Dry, Old Tom, Plymouth
Herbal LiqueurAbsinthe, Aguardiente, Anis del Toro, Anisette, Arak, Galliano, Herbsaint, Mastika, Oghi, Ouzo, Pastis, Patxaran, Pernod, Raki, Sambuca, Tsipouro, Xtabentun
Irish CreamBaileys
Lemon-Lime Soda7-Up, Sierra Mist, Sprite
Melon LiqueurMidori
Mint LiqueurCreme De Menthe
Orange LiqueurBlue Curacao, Cointreau, Curacao, Grand Marnier, Triple Sec
Raspberry LiqueurChambord
RumAged, Blanco, Black, Dark, Gold, Navy, Overproof, White
Simple SyrupSugar Syrup
Sloe Berry LiqueurSloe Gin
Soda WaterCarbonated Water, Club Soda, Seltzer, Sparkling Water
Sweet VermouthRed, Rojo, Rosso
TequilaAnejo, Blacno, Joven, Reposado
WhiskeyBlended, Bourbon, Canadian, Irish, Rye, Scotch, Straight

Something missing?

We don't list certain ingredients which are found in very select recipes or ingredients commonly found in most homes (eg. sugar, salt, water).

Alcohol (Select At Least One)


  • Brandy




  • Vodka



  • Almond Liqueur

    Cherry Liqueur

    Chocolate Liqueur

    Coffee Liqueur

  • Coconut Liqueur

    Irish Cream Liqueur

    Herbal Liqueur

    Mint Liqueur

  • Melon Liqueur

    Orange Liqueur

    Peach Liqueur

    Raspberry Liqueur

  • Sloe Gin Liqueur

    Southern Comfort Liqueur


  • Bitters


    Dry Vermouth

    Sweet Vermouth

End - Alcohol

Mixers (Select At Least One)


  • Cola

    Ginger Ale

    Ginger Beer

    Lemon-Lime Soda

  • Soda Water

    Tonic Water


  • Cranberry Juice

    Grapefruit Juice

    Lemon Juice

    Lime Juice

  • Orange Juice

    Pineapple Juice


  • Cream

    Cream of Coconut


    Mint Sprig

  • Simple Syrup

End - Mixers

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